Are You Protected?

Waterbed Liability Insurance Coverage

Waterbed Insurance to Protect You from PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY

Waterbeds may be specifically banned in the landlord’s tenant agreement, or may require you to show evidence of liability insurance to cover property damage. Landlords are concerned with  possible damage to your apartment, or to another tenant’s apartment and belongings as well as conceivable legal actions.

Purchasing relatively inexpensive waterbed liability insurance will satisfy most landlords, pay for covered damages and provide legal representation in the event of litigation.

Most Renters Insurance Policies Exclude Waterbed Damage

You should first check your policy for coverage, and if it is excluded, you can contact your agent to purchase a separate rider or waterbed liability endorsement for an additional premium.

Or, purchase our convenient and inexpensive stand-alone waterbed liability insurance policy for $35 to $38 annually (currently available only in AZ, FL, IL, SC, TN, and TX)